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A unique way to represent your horse and to hold on permanently:
the painted portrait.
Captured as a head image or in motion, on request also several possibilities in
one image. From creating the photos to the finished painted picture, as well as in
the consultation for the selection of the representation that fits the character of
your horse, I like to take over the complete completion. Of course, I also meet
your own ideas. I like to take the time and watch the horse in his environment to
get the best expression. Inform yourself without any obligation about the
possibilities to represent and hold your horse in this unique way.

Career (excerpt from the exhibition supplement, art prize 1992)

Based on Impressionism, the painter Eric Franken reflects the legacy of this art
movement in a classical manner, combined with modern-day realism. Constantly
in search of new light and color plays in dark shadows. In the landscape, in the
face of man, in the movement of animals. For him, oil and pastel techniques are
the most expressive means of painting and drawing in order to create a symbiosis
with nature. Art is the only gift of man to respect his environment and nature. The
pictures are usually taken directly in front of the subject (Plein air) within 2-3
hours, or in the studio from the photo and from the memory.
From 1989 to 1990 visited the Cologne School of Painting under the artistic
direction of Wolf Guntermann. From 1991 to 1993 visit the ABC Art School Paris
of the Axel Andersson Academy Hamburg. Since 1990 participation in exhibitions
and open art awards. Among others in Bergisch Gladbach, Bensberg, Museum
Bitburg Haus Beda.
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